Whitco 5 Disc Push to Lock Chainwinder

5 Disc Push to Lock Chainwinder
5 Disc Push to Lock Chainwinder
5 Disc Push to Lock Chainwinder
5 Disc Push to Lock Chainwinder

Chain type operator provides locking for awning windows. 

Features of the 5 Disc Push to Lock Chainwinder

  • Suits aluminium or timber awning windows with butt or hook hinges, or non friction stays
  • Smooth operation
  • Through flyscreen operation
  • Push button to lock, key to unlock
  • Less than 1 mm between locking points
  • Maximum opening 300 mm, 19 handle turns to fully open
  • Can be wound closed when locked
  • Retrofits existing MK7 and MK8 Whitco chainwinder models
  • Foldable knob in handle reduces width preventing damage and interference with blinds
  • Zinc diecast body and mechanism, Passivated Zinc steel base plate and Passivated Zinc steel chain
  • Corrosion resistant version available with Stainless Steel chain and Stainless Steel base plate
  • Retail pack has printed instructions on sealed poly bag, opening restriction clip, standard and one-way fixing screws and sash security fixing brackets
  • Exceeds the requirements of Australian window lock standard AS4145.3 - 2001 level DW2SW2K1
  • The chain can be restricted to either 100mm or 150mm opening length via fitment of a restrictor clip to the chain. The fitment of the restrictor clip assists the window to comply with Building Code Australia requirements D2.24 Protection of Operable Windows



  • 5 disc wafer cylinder - Can be Keyed Alike to other Whitco 5 disc products
  • Two Whitco keys included


Brackets, Handle and Accessory Pack


Window size guidelines
Maximum weight of sash 15 kg with 300 mm opening. Contact customer service for more information.

Recommended maximum sash width of 900mm to ensure adequate weather sealing of the window system.

Minimal effect to full exposure to 96 hours Neutral Salt Spray mounted on powder coated Aluminium sill section.


Trade Pack


5 Disc, Push to Lock, Mild Steel Chain

Description Part Number Barcode
Silver W380211 9311847765511
Brown W380213 9311847765528
White W380216 9311847765535
Black W380217 9311847765542
Primrose W380219 9311847765559


Retail Pack


5 Disc, Push to Lock, Mild Steel Chain

Description Part Number Barcode
Brown W380113D5K 9311847098190
White W380116D5K 9311847098206
Black W380117D5K 9311847098213
Primrose W380119D5K 9311847098220


Chainwinder Accessories


Handle with Foldable Knob

Description Part Number Barcode
Black W342417 9311847773370
Low Profile Knob Assembly (Pack of 50) W342317 9311847758643


Chainwinder Bracket

Description Part Number Barcode
Front Fix, White W351316 9310584316109
Front Fix, Black W351317 9310584316116
Boral, White W351516 9310584004099
Boral, Black W351517 9310584004105
Alcan, Silver W351611 9310584004112
Alcan, Black W351617 9310584004143
Airlite, White W352016 9310584317694
Airlite, Black W352017 9310584317700


Restriction Clip

Description Part Number Barcode
MK8 Chainwinder Restriction Clip Pk = 10 W341010 9310584320939


Standard Powder Coat Finishes

Silver 11 Silver 11
Brown 13 Brown 13
Pottery 14 Pottery 14
White 16 White 16
Black 17 Black 17
Primrose 19 Primrose 19
Magnolia 24 Magnolia 24
Stone Beige 28 Stone Beige 28
White Birch 41 White Birch 41


Non Standard Finishes
Other polyester powder coat finishes available on application.