Whitco Sliding Window Lock (Diecast)

Premium zinc diecast metal sliding window lock.

Suitable for sliding aluminium and timber windows.

Features of the Sliding Window Lock

  • Available in Lockable and Non-Lockable versions
  • Zinc diecast construction
  • Stylish design
  • Spring loaded catch for automatic latching
  • Strikes includes anti-bow lugs
  • Push lever to open, pull lever to close
  • Combination pull and fastener
  • Strikes and packers available for aluminium and timber applications
  • Key to lock and unlock
  • Combination pull and fastener
  • Australian made with imported cylinder

Suitable for aluminium and timber windows.



  • 5 disc wafer cylinder
  • Two Whitco chrome plated keys
  • Can be key alike to other Whitco 5 disc products
Trade Pack

Sliding Window Catch - Non-Lockable

Universal Strike

Description Part Number Barcode
Satin Chrome W285105 9311847758476
White W285116 9311847719736
Black W285117 9311847719743
16mm Wide, Satin Chrome W287305 9311847758605
16mm Wide, Bright Chrome W287308 9311847758612
16mm Wide, Brown W287313 9311847758629


Timber Strike

Description Part Number Barcode
Satin Chrome W285205 9311847746114
Bright Chrome W285208 9311847758483
Mahogany W285212 9311847763418
White W285216 9311847719750
Black W285217 9311847719767
No Strike, White W285316 9311847758490
No Strike, Black W285317 9311847719910


Sliding Window Catch - Lockable

Universal Strike

Description Part Number Barcode
Satin Chrome W285605 9311847719781
Bright Chrome W285608 9311847719798
White W285616 9311847719811
Black W285617 9311847719828
16mm Wide, Satin Chrome W287205 9311847758575
16mm Wide, Bright Chrome W287208 9311847758582
16mm Wide, White W287216 9311847763425
16mm Wide, Black W287217 9311847763432


Timber Strike

Description Part Number Barcode
Satin Chrome W285705 9311847719842
Bright Chrome W285708 9311847719859
Mahogany W285712 9311847719866
White W285716 9311847719880
Black W285717 9311847719897
No Strike, White W285816 9311847758506
No Strike, Black W285817 9311847719927



Description Part Number Barcode
Strike Packer, 2mm, Black, Pack of 50 W286217 9311847719941
Strike Packer, 3mm, Black, Pack of 50 W286317 9311847719958
Body Packer, 1mm, Black, Pack of 50 W286417 9311847719965
Body Packer, 2mm, Black, Pack of 50 W286517 9311847719972
Body Packer, 3mm, Black, Pack of 50 W286617 9311847719989
Body Packer, 4mm, Black, Pack of 50 W286917 9311847746220
16mm Aluminium Frame Strike, White, Pack of 50 W287116 9311847758551
16mm Aluminium Frame Strike, Black, Pack of 50 W287117 9311847758568


Standard Finishes

Satin Chrome 05 Satin Chrome 05
Bright Chrome 08 Bright Chrome 08
White 16 White 16
Black 17 Black 17


Non Standard Finishes
Other polyester power coat finishes available on application.