Whitco CYL4 Mini Push Lock

CYL4 Mini Push Lock
CYL4 Mini Push Lock
CYL4 Mini Push Lock
CYL4 Mini Push Lock

High security CYL4® compact window lock.

Suitable for sliding, casement, awning and double hung timber windows.

Features of the CYL4 Mini Push Lock

  • CYL4 One Key Security - Can be matched to most door locks for one key convenience
  • High security, robust construction, resists attack
  • Simply push button to lock
  • Solid zinc diecast metal body
  • Stainless steel ferrule included
  • Standard and one way fixing screws supplied
  • Suits a wide variety of applications

Available in Display and Trade Packs.


CYL4 One Key Security

Use one key for all door and window locks.  It’s that easy! 


ASSA ABLOY’s patented CYL4® technology allows door and window locks to be keyed alike and operated by just one C4 door key.

Entrance doors, laundry doors, patio doors, patio bolts, window locks, screen doors and even padlocks for sheds and gates will all work with one key, providing customers with a convenient home locking solution.

CYL4® is a patented innovation that allows ASSA ABLOY window locks and patio bolts to be keyed to door locks that use the most common key type (C4), thus providing customers with the added convenience of having to use only one key around the home.

The ASSA ABLOY Key Gauge, provided in the CYL4® Keying Kit, allows fast and accurate determination of the key code.
The patented CYL4® cylinder has been designed to retain its wafers when the key is removed. This makes re-keying the CYL4™ cylinder quick and easy for retailers and locksmiths alike.
There are 10 CYL4® wafers numbered 0-9, that cover the 10 depths of a C4 key. Six wafers are arranged in pairs to match the first 3 cuts of the customer’s key.
Using the CYL4® Keying Kit, you can re-key any ASSA ABLOY CYL4® window lock or patio bolt to the customer’s C4 key in just a few minutes. EASY!


Most Australian door locks are operated by a C4 key. Traditional window locks are incompatible with a C4 key. Therefore home owners are required to carry at least one key for their door locks, and a different key (or keys) for their window locks.

The introduction of ASSA ABLOY’s unique CYL4® technology has revolutionised home locking security. Our new high security window lock and patio bolt ranges incorporate the patented CYL4® cylinder which is quickly and easily keyed alike to your customer’s 5 pin C4 door key.  


Suitable for timber windows.




  • CYL4 cylinder - Can be Keyed Alike to all door locks that use a 5 pin key with a C4 profile, and to CYL4® window locks.
  • Or - 5 disc wafer cylinder - Can be Keyed Alike to other Whitco 5 disc products.
  • Two Whitco keys included
Display Pack


Description Part Number Barcode
Silver W2208011 9311847804906
Mahogany W2208012 9311847804913
White W2208016 9311847804920
Black W2208017 9311847804937
Primrose W2208019 9311847804944


Trade Pack

Mini Push Lock Cyl4 Cylinder, KA x 10 & x 40

Description Part Number Barcode
Silver W2208111C4 9311847805460
Mahogany W2208112C4 9311847805477
White W2208116C4 9311847805484
Black W2208117C4 9311847805491
Primrose W2208119C4 9311847805507


Mini Push Lock 5 Disc Cylinder, KA x 10 & x 40

Description Part Number Barcode
Silver W2208111D5 9311847805538
Mahogany W2208112D5 9311847805545
White W2208116D5 9311847805576
Black W2208117D5 9311847805583
Primrose W2208119D5 9311847805590


Standard Finishes

Silver 11 Silver 11
Mahogany 12 Mahogany 12 
White 16 White 16
Black 17 Black 17
Primrose 19 Primrose 19